Structa were approached by Doosan Power Systems following previous successful work on the Bradwell Power Station site through another client.

Doosan were responsible for stripping out of the Boiler Houses as part of the decommissioning of this nuclear power station. Although Doosan have their own internal design department, Structa were selected to assist with a number of challenges that faced the decommissioning teams, due to their experience and ability to respond quickly to demands and meet tight schedules to avoid delays on site.

The projects Structa were involved with included survey, assessment and reporting on the original 1950’s access walkways and stairways, together with recommendations for upgrading to meet current standards so that safe access could be maintained during the decommissioning period. Structa also assisted with design checking and reinforcement of welded elements, such as heavy boiler valves and ducts, so that they could remain intact during the long decommissioning period.

As a successful relationship was developed, the scope of works expanded to include ventilation shaft covers, new steel mezzanine floor structures and transportation trailers for heavy shielding equipment.



Structa were approached by Magnox direct following previous successful work on the Bradwell Power Station site through other clients. Magnox needed a transportation cradle to secure DCIC MOSAIK containment vessels to their site low loader for transporting around site. Structa were appointed to prepare construction details of the transportation cradle to support a 25 tonne unit, including a design statement to justify the arrangement.

Structa prepared a proposal based upon the initial brief and further developed the details following a series of reviews and client feedback. The brief required us to determine forces to restrain the MOSAIK as a result of an uncontrolled event, to allow the quick removal of the restraints, to minimise risk to the operator and to leave the MOSAIK on a platform to allow its lifting via the ISF fuel storage crane. With further client input following testing, we prepared an iteration of the proposal to include discrete locating blocks to position the MOSAIK and also to develop a lightweight and secure restraint arrangement.


Client: Doosan Power Systems Ltd

Contractor: GRAHAM Construction

Location: Bradwell, Essex


Services Provided

Structural Design and Details






Client: Magnox

Contractor: Magnox

Location: Bradwell, Essex


Services Provided

Structural Design and Details